Monday, May 21, 2012

week 7: My first musical!

Hi Everyone,
Carson back at you again. This week I expanded myself culturally. I went to my first musical. I took the mother figure in my life to see The Music Man.


I had no idea what it was about, but she’s into stuff like that so I said what the hey! It was at one of those dinner and a show type places. The place was set up with stadium seating and wide walk ways. We were at a table for 4, but the other seats were not taken.
The hostess came for us and we went to eat from the buffet. I was not impressed. There was lots of meats to choose from—ya’ll know where am with that—and not enough alternatives. Thus I settled for a loaded salad with way too tangy honey mustard dressing, dry sour cream baked potato wedges and drown my sorrows in 2 of the Margaritas they had on special for Mother’s Day.


Raspberry White Chocolate cheese cake. O-O best ever! (okay I chomped it before I took the picture)

The Music Man was about this traveling conman from Gary, Indiana. He had been going from one small town to the next swindling people out of their money with the idea of making their town better but never coming through with what he promised. For the purpose of the story he ends up in a tiny town in Iowa pretending to be a music teacher. His con is to get the people to invest in a band for the kids. He would order instruments and uniforms and teach the kids to play, but of course never do it. The librarian was also the music teacher. The idea was to smooze her so she doesn’t call him out to everyone that he doesn’t know anything about music. Of course that never happens. The conman falls in love, the librarian comes out her shell and everyone lives happily ever after.  

Will I do it again?
Well, the food was nasty, the Margaritas and awesome dessert made up for that. I was surprisingly pleased with the show. I had no clue I'd like live shows! They are doing Chicago at the same theater in September. I will definitely be at that show...but now I know to eat before I go.


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