Wednesday, May 16, 2012

week 6: Symphony magic

Hello everyone!
Here we are at week 6! My something new this week was a no brainer. I saw a commercial that said, "The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is celebrating 50 years of James Bond! You won't want to miss this!" and I said, nope! I sure don't!" What better way to enjoy my first symphony.

I love James Bond! My first James Bond flick was The Spy who Loved Me with Roger Moore. That was it for me. I was going to marry James Bond and grow up to be a Bond Girl! LOL Years later, after seeing For Your Eyes Only I declared Roger Moore the best spy ever, my mother promptly informed me that Roger Moore wasn't the first James Bond. She said--with a huff!--that the first James Bond movie was Dr. No back in 1962. So Sean Connery was the real James Bond.

Now how was I supposed to know that? I wasn't even born yet!

Anyway, since then I have seen every single James Bond movie. It broke my heart when Roger stepped down. I was all for Pierce Bronson coming on board to fill his shoes, but the powers that be didn't choose him despite the outcry of the public. They chose Timothy Dalton. He wasn't a bad Bond I guess.. He did two movies: The Living Day Light and License to Kill and they were okay. When "they" finally got it together and picked up Pierce, he did the next 4 Bond installments. They messed all the way up when they chose Daniel Craig as Bond. He doesn't even fit the physical profile of James Bond! I mean, seriously, who the hell thoug— I'm sorry. I'm ranting. Let me get back to the symphony.
So anyway...

My friend Myles accompanied me to this event. My husband informed me early on in this adventure that he would not be coming to all of my planned or spontaneous events, but he didn’t mind doing drop off and pick ups, so I was cool with that.

We walked passed one of the bars inside the Hilbert Circle Theatre on the way to the doors we would enter to the theater and the bartender greeted us politely. She waved us over and asked if we’d like to try a Symphony Happy Meal. My friend and I looked at each other and smiled. We sure do! was our quick reply. No, we had no idea what it was, but the woman said it was a symphony tradition. So, who are we to break tradition?
                          Champagne and trufflesà a Symphony Happy Meal

So we took our drinks and truffles into the theater. We had balcony seats near the orchestra. The theater is really set up very nice. There really aren’t any bad seats.
The music was awesome! They played the James Bond theme, the music from Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Casino Royale, The World is Never Enough and had a vocalist to sing the themes to Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, For Your Eyes Only and Live and Let Die.

After a brief intermission the orchestra played other music from James Bond inspired songs like Secret Agent Man and movies like The Pink Panther and Austin Powers. Soul Bossa Nova is the theme song to Austin Powers. Did you know that Quincy Jones did that? I knew Q had done a CD witht he same title, but i never made the connection until then. The CD version sounds way cooler with Naturally 7 singing it with Ludacris.

Check it out.  

The show was great! I wish I could have taped some of the music for you, but they frown on that you know. They wrapped it up with the James Bond theme and took their bow.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!


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