Friday, May 4, 2012

week 4: Sushi anyone?

Tried the New Hibachi Grill here in Raleigh,

We had one already, but this one was new so lets try it! We all know how that is right? Ha ha ha nah, lol it looks great as you can see ";0}... The food looked good too, yet a lil diff from the other place. Had me wondering if it was the same owners.

I think not, the Sushi looked amazing but no "Wasabi Sauce" Ugh that was enough to have me in a funk LMBO.

I hated the atmosphere in this place it read like, eat your lunch and flee. It was very warm and the waitress said so but the AC wasn't working.

So we ate fast and I won't be returning just tells you that "LOOKS" are very deceiving.

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