Wednesday, May 23, 2012

week 7: Dressing up

Hi everyone (or just me, whatever)
This week I wanted to share my dress up session with you guys. It was so much fun! I never really like Halloween having grown up during a time where getting your candy bag snatched and having eggs thrown at you or balloons with Neet in them was popular in New York City, but I did love the dress up part. I always wanted to have one of those big masquerade parties just to dress up and party. One day I fully intend to be in Vegas attending their Halloween party. I hear its awesome!
Anyway, I want to tell you about when John and I played dress up. We took a trip to one of those small towns in Indiana where the city for them is Main Street with all the little shops on them, everyone knows everyone by first name or “you’re Johnny’s boy, aren’t you?” and there’s hardly no crime. On this little street was a shop where you could dress up and take vintage pictures.
When went in and the woman behind the counter gave us a book to look at different people in their photo shoots to see what we’d like to wear for ours. Another woman came from the back and said, “Oh, no. I have the perfect outfit for you.”
John and I look at her, then to each and back to her. She smiled and pointed right him! “You,” she confirmed and offered her hand to him.
He looked a nervous wreck at first, but he went off with her anyway. He returned 5 minutes later with the largest grin I had ever seen on him. The woman had dressed him in a black God Father hat and a black pinstriped suit. I burst into laughter.
“He looks great doesn’t he? I saw his inner godfather,” she said to me.
I couldn’t help but agree. The woman then held her finger up, turned and dug in a large toy chest near the counter. She handed John a big plastic tommy gun. He looked at it and miraculously his smile widened.
“Yes, it’s very you,” the woman added then turned to me. “Well, if he’s a gangster, you must be his maul.”
She had showcased John’s inner gangster so I followed the lady without question. I was about to see my inner maul and so are you.
Ta Da!
It was so much fun! We played dress up and took several more pics but ended up buying this one because it was our favorite. It was the first time we went but it won’t be the last. I will be doing this again when we return to Brown County to try the zipline. And, yes, I will show you guys that little adventure, too. *wink*


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