Wednesday, May 9, 2012

week 5: Pottery day

Taking a page from Carson's book I decided to try pottery too. This was an event I could get my husband to go to. We showed up at the class and were 2 of 7. Michael, our instructor, was very easy to understand and he walked us through each step. We found the class very easy.
This is how our project started. A blank canvas.


Then we panted the inside and outside brown.

Next we had to trace the flower pattern we wanted on our project so we can paint each section. Now I know it all looks brown, but he swore to me that once it was fired the real colors would come out. I was skeptical too, but I did what he said.

See? No color, right?
Well, after a long, nail biting week went by I picked up my creation and voila! This is what I have.

He was right! I was stunned out how good it came out! I'm thinking of taking Micheal's glass works class next! If he can teach me to do this, anything is possible! LOL I will definitely do this again!


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