Wednesday, April 4, 2012

week 1: Midget wrestling? Who knew!

You read that ticket right!
There I was packing up to leave work on Friday night looking forward to a few drinks and watching my Indiana Jones four pack, when I got this text: Midget wrestling, tonight, 8 seconds, wanna go?
I wasn't one that got into wrestling. I mean yeah, I used to make it a point to watch when The Rock was in the ring. Seriously, I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to see The Rock in a pair of ting black panties and nothing else. :) So, with no Rock in the ring I was a bit leery about the whole thing, but for the sake of doing something new I answered the text with one word: YUP!
I'm so glad I did! It was so much fun! I wish I could have gotten my phone to work so show you the actual fighting. It was full of the hype, fanfare and drama that regular wrestling has. They had the crowd pump, screaming and hollering for the favorite fighters. These guys were tossing each other around the ring jumping off the ropes and everything!
 Here I am with the winner, "Sampson" and two other wrestlers-- "Huggie Cub" on the far left (he tags himself as Huggy Bear's illegimate son) and "Meatball"  in the center.

Although I had a difference event in mind to share with you for my opening post, I knew this had to change it to this. It was a great experience and I had a blast! If they come back to Indianapolis I will definitely go back. If Hulk Hogan's Micro Wrestling stops in your city be sure to check them out. They put on a good show and you will have a great time!


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