Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 1! woo hoo!

Hi everyone!
You might wonder why we're doing this. Great question. Here's the answer. My friend Shelia's sociology teacher told the class that people were afraid to leave their comfortable zones. 

"Most folk didn't venture out of their 'norm' to experience anything new once their zones were set. They ate the same foods, drank the same drinks wore the same clothes all with little or no change in color, size shape or tastes,"  said Mr. Hertz.

His idea was to encourage them to be open to new things. When she came back and shared that with me I was like, dang. Am I like that, too? After some thought I decided that if I am, I didn't want to be anymore. I would run from stagnation and make a conscious effort to try new things. So to make sure I don't fall off the wagon I invited a few people to get in on the challenge with me and voila! This blog was born!

I will blog each Monday to share the new thing I have tried. To kick off the blog I will share my experience with a new drink I tried in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Even though I'm not Irish *tapping chin in thought. No, no Irish in there* I went to hang out with everyone else that was celebrating.  I went out with one of my buddy's and we had all the drinks they were drinking on St. Patrick's Day. Nothing we never had before really, green beer that turned out to be tinted Bud lite, J├Ągerbombs, shots of Bailey's, stuff like that, but there was one I heard someone order that I had never heard before. An Irish Car Bomb. 

Have you heard of it?

They used a tall tumbler and filled it halfway with Guinness stout and Jamison Irish Whiskey then they dropped a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream into it. It made this weird kind of beige foam that oozed over the top. As I watched the bartender make the drinks for someone else, I heard my friend say, give us two of those. I'm so glad he didn't pull out his cell phone and take a picture. I know my face was twisted by the way he laughed when I turned to him!

The bartender made the mixture again then slid the two glasses in front of us. Somewhere in the back of my head my warning light flashed so bright my brain should have been cooked from the heat. But...w
e picked up the glasses and just before the glass reached my lips the bartender said: "Take it like a shot, man. It doesn't taste that good."

I was like, damn...and did my best to gulped down the drink until it was gone.

What did I think about it?
The bartender's warning was a gross understatement and I do not use the term loosely. It was the worse drink I ever had! It is should be called TRAIN WRECK because that's how it made my mouth feel. I wanted to wipe my tongue of with my napkin but I didn't think the torn up pieces of tissue stuck to my tongue would have helped. I don't know if it was the Guinness, the whiskey, the Bailey's or the combination of it all, but it was a nightmare. It was hours later before I got the taste out of my mouth. And believe me, I tried! I had a huge Jack Daniels bacon cheese burger at TGI Fridays, a couple of shots of Ciroc and a Bud after that. :)

So, although I had a great time and I tried a new drink, it was a unique experience that I will NOT be repeating. LOL

until next week!

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