Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 2: Fondue? Huh?

Hey everyone!
 Dana Littlejohn here to continue week 2 with a question for you: Do you fondue?

Had someone asked me that a month ago I would have said: what's fondue? A few times a year restaurants in our city get together and lower the prices of meals. The proceeds from those meals go to specific charities. Usually the restaurants in question are very expensive and my husband and I don't usually get the chance to go, so when these things come up we try to take advantage.

We went to the Melting Pot. It is a fondue based restaurant just outside Indianapolis in Carmel Indiana. I had never had fondue, but I had heard it was like a melted cheese thing. My brain went straight to queso. I like queso I kept an open mind, although I had no idea how you could build a whole menu around melted cheese. Our server Bonnie walked us through the whole experience. She was very patient and extremely knowledgeable with all of my never ending questions.

The appetizer was absolutely fantastic. The server made the cheese fondue at the table. When it was done she brought the bowl of veggies, the chips and apples for us to dip in.

The main meal was delicious! Bonnie took away the cheese fondue and brought back a pot of already heated broth. Our food came raw. I had surf and turf; lobster, sirloin pieces and shrimp. John had carnivore delights; filet Mignon chunks, pork slices, seasoned lamb and chicken pieces. We were to add the sides first, pieces of potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and asparagus and let them boil for at least ten minutes before adding our entrees.

 I ordered the specialty drink, a Romance martini. Those are strawberry slices floating on top. I had a few of these so I don't really remember what was in it. I just know it was delicious. :)

Our dessert came moments after dinner was complete. In the fondue pot this time was white chocolate and bananas flambé. Bonnie added a few shakes of cinnamon and sparkles jumped off the blue fire. It was amazing. To dip in the melted chocolate we had a variety of delights! Strawberries, rice krispy treats, bananas, brownie and red velvet cake chunks.

What did I think of my new experience?
Well...there were two minor things that poked at me. I thought it was a lot of work and a little expensive for me to be cooking my own meal, and then there was the snafoo with the carrots. As we ordered our meals, I asked our sever not to garnish any of the main dishes with carrots because I am allergic. We wanted to taste each others food and having an epi-pen situation would kill the mood. Alas, my husband's meal still arrived sitting on top of a very pretty julienne carrot garnish. Thus I could not taste anything he had.

Now, having said that, my visit to The Melting Pot was a unique and pleasurable experience. The music, the ambiance and design of this place was wonderful. Perfect for date nights. No wonder they had so many awards for best romantic restaurant on the wall as you entered!

The meal was a crescendo of deliciousness! Each part was better than the next. I absolutely loved everything that was served...well except the asparagus. Having never had it I didn't know if I liked it. Now I know: HATED IT! :) but everything else was absolutely amazing.

I will definitely repeat this experience and if you have a Melting Pot ( in your city you should check it out too! Hey! I liked it so much I'm thinking of putting it into one of my books! :)


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