Friday, April 20, 2012

week 3- Health First!

This week I had the opportunity to try a full body deep tissue massage "SMILE"
If you have never had one, I urge you to get one ladies and gents alike.

This was my very first time ever doing this!
I'd been dying to go to Massage Envy for quite sometime but on this particular day they told a group of friends and I that they didn't have any walk ins today. Disappointed we thought we'd try the 10 minute in the chair massages at the mall. The place here is called HEALTH FIRST Raleigh Massage Center

But when we got there we found out they had full body massages upstairs and we jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. 
So off we went to get 4 full body massages "My daughter Sintaja, my Sista Pump'kin, my Niece Shaniqua & I"  Pump'kin and I got the same room and Sintaja & Shaniqua got the same room as they had double massage tables. We were told to undress and lie down on the massage tables. 

Lol we acted like a bunch of giggling school girls stripping down to our undies before the Masseuse could leave the room and get the time clocks and oils. Giggling and laughing calling from one room to the other to check on each other.I thought it would go very fast but I must say they massaged the whole body, your face & scalp uhm, mmmmmmmmm and it took forever to be over lol.When we left we were giggling laughing leaping and swearing we'd be back again soon, lol.I would definitely do it again & we also tried to out tip each other LMBO, so much fun.

So on that note Massage Envy eat your ♥ out I won't ever be using you, you blew it.

Next time I want to treat myself, a family member or friend you can guess where I'll be. 
"Health First"


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