Wednesday, April 25, 2012

week 4: Do you know your manners?

HI everyone!
Dana Littlejohn back with you to ask if you know your manners? I found out that if I took an a communication class I could add a whole .15 to my pay at work. Since there is soooo much I can do with .15 I decided what the hey! I might learn something I didn't know. LOL

The 3hr class I found promised to teach poise, communication skills, consideration and table manners. I figured it had the communication skills in there so I was good! The rest was just a gimme. LOL

Anyway, The woman giving the class went on about the history of etiquette and how it wasn't just for upper-class families or preparing for a debutant ball. It was intended to prepare young folk how to treat others with with respect, value integrity and teach the expectations of society. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that stuff your Mama and Daddy are supposed to teach you? It would seem rich folk paid someone else to do that!

Since there were a few guys in the class, we were separated for the next two sections so they could be specific to male and female. My next section was poise. 

We learned how to carry ourselves with poise. We also learned the benefits of good posture, how to sit and stand correctly and walk with grace. Next we tackled table manners. At this time she went kind of fast because we would go into more detail when we practiced at the dining table. ( I was like, huh? but okay, whatever)

We met back up with the men to go over communication skills. They went over tips to feel more confident when meeting new people, during job interviews and public speaking as well as how to introduce yourself, shake hands properly, the importance of eye contact and how to respond to invitations. They even went over phone etiquette since everyone has a cell phone and whoever is calling will get you directly.
Now, I don't know about you,but Mom and Dad didn't sit me down for this one. LOL There was some stuff in there that I simply didn't know.

The next section was showing consideration, the art of putting others first. You should have seen the stunned looks on the men's faces when they were learning to pull chairs out and open doors for the ladies. They even looked a little stunned when the instructor reminded them it was courteous to let others pass when going through a door in a public place and someone was coming at the same time. O-O
Again, it might just be me, these are things that should have been taught at the table or just idle chit-chatting around the house. But, okay, whatever. 

Once all the sit down and learn something stuff as done, we went into the dining etiquette. First she asked us to set the table like we know how. I was like, okay I can do that. So this is my table.

Not bad right? Okay so then she taught us what a proper table should look like and why. And this is what my table looked like when I did it again.

Better huh? All that stuff was there the first time, I just didn't know to use them. LOL

At the end of the three hours I felt enriched. I will accept the little .15 they give me, but I think what I learned will be worth so much more down the road. )


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