Monday, April 16, 2012

week 3: Playing in clay.

Hi everyone!
Carson back at you with another new notch added to my belt. This time I heard about a sculpting class they were holding at the community center for only cost $25. Since that amount was right in my price range I decided what the hey. LOL This was a project class lasting 2 hours. Mrs. Norton, the main teacher and her helpers were very patient as they walked us step by step through the process. It turned out to be easier than I thought, too.

We had to cut our own hunks of clay from a block so we could work with it.

When we had it, we had to mash and pinch it softer so we could work with.


Once we had our lumps, we were ready to choose what to make and head to the wheels. There were pictures hanging on the walls near tables. After you chose, Mrs. Norton sent her helpers out to the wheels to give you personal direction. They were the ones guiding us during the creative process.

I decided to do a tall coffee mug. It started out great! My cup was forming nicely, but unfortunately I couldn't keep the sides from collapsing. Looking back, I realize now what I was doing wrong, but, of course, hindsight is 20/20.
As I looked around seeing how cool everyone else's cups and bowls were coming out, I squeezed mine into a ball and tried again. Time was going by. With my cup not coming out the way I planned, frustration forced me to change my mind. I flagged down a helper and pointed to the picture I wanted and she helped me make it happen.

At th end of the class, we had to leave the stuff we made with Mrs. Norton. Now that our part forming the clay into bowls, trays, cups or whatever was done, Mrs. Norton would take them be fired so it would be all shiny and we could use it in real life. So, instead of showing you the clay I molded into something I will show you the finished product. My first sculpted creation!

A week later, as I was in line I saw a few of the people that were in my class that day.

This was the cup I was trying for when I started out. The lady at the next table did a great job. She mentioned she had done this thing several times before.

The guy on the other side of me did this bowl. Not a bad job don't think he'll be able to eat out of it, but if he smokes it'll be a cool ashtray. It was his first time also.

Do you see now why I was getting frustrated? Mine was not coming out like either of those. 

Anyway, without further adieu here is what I ended up with :)

Sure, I may have got him from a picture on the wall held over from the kids class earlier in the day, but hey, I made something with my own two hands. He was much easier to make than the cup or bowl. I call him Howard the Duck, Jr. I gave him to my niece Nicki and she loved it, too.

What did I think of my experience?
I liked it. It was fun once I decided to make Howard. I think I will do it again now that it's not a totally foreign concept. LOL

See ya next week...

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