Monday, April 9, 2012

week-2 ocean delights? NO!

Hi everyone!
It’s Monday again and time for me to share what new thing I have done. This past week my friends and I took a trip to Savannah. Weather was great and because they are close to the shore finding seafood places to eat are easy for me. I guess I’d be considered a semi-vegetarian. I don’t eat land animals at all, no pork, beef, fowl, lamb, goat, none of it. Visiting my uncle’s farm as a kid traumatized this city boy so bad. I saw stuff I had no busy seeing at the tender age of 8. I never ate meat again! But, that’s another story.

Anyway, my friend took me to this Italian restaurant known for its octopus entrée. Now okay, just because I don’t eat land creatures doesn’t mean I eat everything from ocean. But you know what he said, don’t you? Of course you do. He hit me with the ‘how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?’
So, we’re at the restaurant and the server is telling us all the wonderful things about the rich history about the food. Although octopus isn’t served in a lot restaurants all over the US, it is apparently very famous in Italy. They offered a dish in all 3 courses, soup, chopped on a salad and an entrée with a sauce made of parsley, lemon, olive oil and red hot pepper. My friend ordered the soup and I ordered the one with the special sauce.

Now when the server slid the bowl in front of him I almost couldn’t take the picture. My mind immediately went back to that scene from Indiana Jones’s Temple of Doom. You know the one I’m talking about? When the kid and the singer were with Indy at the palace and the food they were offered freaked them out because it was all bugs and animal parts? Yeah. I was freaked just like that….but not as much as when my plate came.

See what I mean! I couldn’t even take the picture you’re looking at. My friend did! How do you eat something that looks like this??? I couldn’t even look at it without wanting to hurl!
Well, since I had too, I put on my big boy pants, closed my eyes and cut a piece off. It was rubbery...and chewy and my stomach was pissed that I swallowed it. It’s only saving grace was the sauce and there wasn't enough of it to trick me into thinking I was eating something else.
It wasn’t the best tasting meal I ever had, let me tell you, but it didn’t kill me. My friend and I did end up switching meals because I just couldn’t do it. The octopus soup, wasn’t too bad. If you can get pass the big glob of tentacles in the center of the bowl to eat the soup you would find lit tolerable. It kind of reminded me of a spicy Manhattan chowder.
What did I think of my experience?
Well…you know, I paused here for a long time looking for some politically correct way to explain it, but I can’t. The bottom line is I was freaked out so much that I can’t tell you what my dish even tasted like. As for the soup I mostly closed my eyes and slid my soup down the sides of the bowl as I ate!
Trying to eat octopus gave me the willies. There is no way I’m eating that again. There’s lots of other stuff for me to eat.
Man, I hope the next 50 weeks are better for me because this journey ain’t starting off the good foot for me. LOL Maybe I'll try bungee jumping next!

Until next week!

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