Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week 3: I can paint? who knew!

So here we are at week 3!

I gotta say finding new stuff to try is hard work! LOL I really is, but I have incorporated a few friends to help. I haven't figured out if that's good or not yet, but I will keep you posted. They have lots of good ideas, but some of that stuff I'm like...hmmm.

This time I dragged my husband out to a place called Wine and Canvas. Their website says it has locations in a few cities around the country. They even have a kid friendly version called Cookies and Canvas. 

A calendar is posted monthly on the 20th of the month. It shows you what picture you will be panting, where you will be (Indy has 2 locations) and what times they start. It even shows if the class is already filled so you can plan ahead.

You choose the date, time and picture by scanning the calendar. Once you have the one you want you schedule online, pay online and your ready to go when you get there.The cost per person was under $40! Cheap by today's standards.

Basically you're paying for a painting class and and all your supplies, however, they do offer--how did the hostess put it? Oh yeah!-- liquid motivation, in case you need some. :) Of course for the non-drinkers and DD's in the crowd they had waters and sodas to buy as well.

The class was so much fun. The teacher was very knowledgeable at her craft and extremely patient even when the 'motivation' started to really flow. We took a Friday night class that ran from 7-10pm.  The instructor used simple, easy language with a step by step method.

I was amazed at how the picture came together as we added to each section.

And viola! The finished product is hanging in my living room :)


What did I think of the new thing I tried?

I loved it! And for the record, so did my husband. Under the right circumstances I had painting skill I knew nothing about! The wine was really good too. I mean...I was highly motivated to keep painting. :) (pssst! they carry a really good Moscoto) 

I will definitely be adding this into my rotation of things to do.

Until next week! TA!


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