Monday, April 30, 2012

week 4: teaching an old dog new tricks!

My best friend and I took a training course or how to fetch and do other great tricks! Not Marc, my other friend, Rico.
I had always wanted me and Rico to visit the local dog park, throw the ball around and all that fun dog suff. I figured he was old enough to hang out with other dogs and run free. Got a brand new ball and everything for us to play with. It didn't quite go as well as I expected.

I guess I expected Rico to just know how to fetch...I mean he is a dog. Cats just know how to use the litter box. You don't really have to teach them, just show them where it is. I thought it was the same way with dogs and fetching.

Yeah, I was wrong about that. He had no problem catching the ball...

 That was the fun part for him. It was bringing it back to me that he didn't down with. So we took a training class at the Pet Co in my neighborhood. The instructor not only a dog whisperer, but he apparently spoke cat and horse fluently, too! There were certificates all over his walls from all kinds of shows and proving he could do everything from raise, breed, show and give first aid to anything but human-kind! He was a modern day Dr. Dolittle!

After the 2 day indoor class and 2 days with the instructor implementing what we learned. I was amazed at how Rico picked up on the tricks Cedric gave me.
Anyway, a little about Rico.
We hit it off the moment I saw him. He had the cutest little face.
Now at the ripe old age of 2, he is truly a great dog and a good friend.

According to Cedric, his human students were the problem not the canines. Our canines can’t speak verbally so we have to learn to understand their body language and the cues they give us so we’re both happy with the results. Rico and I went home to practice the skills I learned in school.

Today when Rico and I go to the park, he catches and brings the stuff back to me, too!
Hmm, it would seem that you CAN teach an dog new tricks! J


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